Tesla Thief Caught While Charging Vehicle at Tesla Repair Center


A thief who steals Tesla vehicle with a distance of only 5 kilometers in the capital of Czech Republic, was caught while charging the vehicle in the charging station. The service personnel who did their job carefully caught the capture of the thief.

According to a report released last year, the average stolen of Tesla vehicles is 90% less than normal vehicles. The main reasons for this situation are GPS technology which is always on in the vehicle and it is only opened via the phone application or key. However, these measures may not always be sufficient and we hear the story of many different Tesla vehicle thefts. Indeed, almost every one of these stories ends in a funny way.

This time Tesla theft happened in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. In the city center, the Tesla Model S ended up being a thief trying to steal a vehicle, similar to other Tesla theft cases.

Realizing that the vehicle has a 5-kilometer range, the thief decided to go to the charging station:
According to the news on the Czech-based website ElektrickeVozy, the thief realized that the vehicle was about to run out of charge and did not know how to charge the car. Deciding to go to a third-party Tesla Service Center to charge the car, the thief set off without realizing that he made a big mistake.

Staff at the service center had previously dealt with the stolen vehicle and did not recognize the driver who came this time. Suspecting this situation, service officials decided to call the real owner of the vehicle and ask if the vehicle was stolen. Very surprised at the incoming call, the car owner asked how the service knew this. The response of the staff was “The thief was so stupid that he came here and wanted to charge the vehicle.”

About 10 minutes after this conversation, the police arrived at the scene and arrested the car thief. Although the thief is not known how the Tesla Model S steals the vehicle, many Tesla vehicle theft results in a similar way. At this point, an old report on Tesla vehicle thefts in the USA said that 112 of the 115 Tesla vehicles stolen were recovered.


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