Tesla Starts Hiring Experts To Build Tesla Bot


Automotive maker Tesla has listed some job openings to assemble the team that will be responsible for the latest product announced by the company, the Tesla Bot.

According to the Electrek website, at least four vacancies that require vast knowledge in robotics were disclosed by the company, without hiding that the company does not yet have the necessary team to take the robot out of the paper. The professionals will work as mechanical engineers, experts in architecture and modeling and also in moving the Tesla Bot.

One of the first and most important tasks will be the construction of actuators, which are essential components for the conversion of energy that results in actions and movements by robots.

Are you really going out?

Featured during an event focused on Artificial Intelligence, the humanoid robot for “heavy, boring, repetitive tasks” was considered unrealistic by many experts — and Elon Musk taking a person in a robot costume instead of any practical example would be proof of that not even the company thinks the project is remotely close to becoming commercial.

Musk’s prediction is that the Tesla Bot will have at least one prototype presented in 2022. At the same event as the robot’s announcement, the executive also presented a new AI training chip for supercomputers, which can be applied in a future Tesla Bot .


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