Tesla shows the curious process of making batteries


Tesla published a short video on social networks presenting the process of making one of the most important parts of electric cars: batteries. With less than a minute, it highlights every step of the production of energy cells.

Filmed inside one of the factories, the clip is part of a campaign to publicize new job opportunities at the automaker. Currently, she has open positions for the Giga Texas facilities in the USA and Giga Berlin in Germany.

After the video was released, a Twitter user commented that the battery manufacture appears to have been inspired by the techniques of the bottling industry. Interestingly, CEO Elon Musk saw the comment and answered that question.

“The best manufacturing technology is in high-volume sectors, such as food and beverages, toys and medical items,” explained the owner of the North American automaker.

Musk also responded to another user about Tesla’s manufacturing process. So he says facilities have gigantic machines that make real vehicles the same way toy cars are made.

New battery models

Even though Tesla batteries are produced in factories, they use components from other companies. For example, the 2170 power cells in the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles are made with Panasonic parts at the automaker’s facilities in Nevada.

In September 2020, Musk revealed that the company is considering developing a new battery model internally. In addition to more efficient performance, the 4680 series will significantly reduce production costs.

According to the CEO, the new product is expected to dramatically transform the electric vehicle market in the future. That way, it will benefit drivers, the brand and the environment.


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