Tesla shows off his Cyberquad electric quadricycle


Since leaving the cargo compartment of Cybertruck in 2019, the electric off-road vehicle presented by Elon Musk Cyberquad has not appeared anywhere else. However, Tesla decided to refresh its shareholders’ memory and exhibited a prototype of the novelty, which will be available as an option for buyers of the company’s not yet launched pickup in late 2021.

The Cyberquad concept was exhibited at meetings and during the Battery Day event, with Marco Carini, from the Electrek website, capturing the images and sharing them. According to the portal, the manufacturer was inspired by the Yamaha Raptor and converted it into an all-electric option, which looks very similar to Zero Motorcycles vehicles. At launch, of course, everything can change.

Even though there are no official details on its specifications, bets are already being placed. Rich Rebuilds, for example, built its own model using a kinematic chain similar to that suggested for the Tesla off-road, having reached 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and a maximum of 102.5 km / h.

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