Tesla Rival Rivian Gains Volume: Receives Another $2.5 Billion Investment


Rivian, the electric car company that rivals Jeff Bezos’ Tesla, continues to grow. In funding rounds organized by different companies, Rivian received an investment of $ 2.5 billion. However, the company, which has collected $ 10.5 billion to date, did not share its value after that.We recently saw Rivian, a startup company, in the same frame as Jeff Bezos. Rivian, which ensures that the owner of the company is transported to the departure area without any problems, also appeared with the delay of some of its vehicles. Now, we are seeing the progress of the electric vehicle manufacturer with firm steps.

Rivian, which left the funding rounds it participated with great success, announced the amount it aims to exceed this year in addition to the large investment it has already received. Meanwhile, the company, which will launch its vehicles, which is eagerly awaited by the majority, seems to make a solid entrance to the market. Here are the details:

Rivian raises another $2.5 billion:

Leaving 2.5 billion dollars from the tours it participated in, Rivian has collected approximately 10.5 billion dollars so far. In the rounds conducted by Amazon, D1 Capital Partners and Ford, Rivian said that they are on the verge of vehicle production and therefore they must always look ahead and take their growth one step further.

Dan Sundheim, founder of D1 Capital Partners, said the company is excited to increase its investment in Rivian because they are at a crossroads as they will offer customers unconventional products.

With the last funding, Rivian, which has collected $ 10.5 billion so far, did not share its current value, but it was shared that it reached a value of $ 27.6 million after the rounds last January. The company aims to exceed $50 billion (approximately 427.7 billion TL) in public funding this year.

Rivian previously said it has plans to open its second factory. Besides, the R1T and


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