Tesla Releases Update That Fixes Flaw In Heat Pumps


Tesla has released a new software update to fix the problem with the heating system that can affect the brand’s electric cars in regions with extremely cold weather. The news was announced by the CEO of the automaker Elon Musk in a tweet published on Saturday (15).

“Firmware fix to recalibrate the heat pump expansion valve is being released now,” the billionaire wrote on his Twitter profile. This update is mainly aimed at Model Y and Model 3 models, which bring the new heat pumps introduced by the manufacturer.

The problem was first reported in 2021 by Tesla car owners residing in cold regions of the United States and Canada. Many of them said they had experienced uncomfortable situations when traveling in icy regions with the heating system not working.

At the time, Tesla also released an update, claiming to have fixed the flaw with the security patch. However, the same issue resurfaced a few months later, as reported by drivers, prompting Musk and his team to treat the bug as a “high priority”.

Problem could be in the hardware

As the failure in Tesla’s car heat pumps reoccurred even after the update released last year, some customers suspect that the error may be related to the vehicle’s hardware and not the automaker’s software. The suspicion was reinforced after the cars were taken to the brand’s authorized workshops.

In some cases, parts or the entire system were replaced after technical inspection at the company’s service centers. This was due to a valve on the pump’s air intake getting stuck with ice buildup, which would not be fixed with the update alone, according to experts.

The US National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) and also Canadian authorities are investigating the case.