Tesla reduces car prices in the United States and China


This Wednesday (27), Tesla reduced the prices of some of its electric cars sold in North America and China, with an average decrease of 6%. In certain versions, the drop in values ​​reached $ 5,000.

According to Reuters, the measure taken by Elon Musk’s automaker is due to the lower demand recorded since the beginning of the quarantine, to try to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. The idea is to recover sales volume from now on, with the reduction of blockages in some regions.

For this, the company decided to apply discounts. The Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, which cost $ 79,990, now stands at $ 74,990, while the Model X Long Range Plus has gone from $ 84,990 to $ 79,990. The Model 3 had a smaller reduction, of US $ 2 thousand, being found for $ 37,990, but the Model Y did not suffer drop in the price.

In China, the reduction in prices for Tesla cars includes the imported Model S and Model X versions, with a cut of approximately 4% in values. However, the Model 3 produced at the Shanghai plant will have no discount.

Other impacted automakers

The pandemic of the new coronavirus has hit the car market hard. According to the publication, sales in the United States halved in April, compared to the same period last year.

In an attempt to reheat sales, several automakers are following strategies similar to Tesla’s. GM, FIAT and Ford have reduced financing rates and are offering different payment terms.

Still in the case of Tesla, another reflection of the crisis is that the fast charging service Supercharger will no longer be offered free by the manufacturer to new buyers of the Model X sport utility vehicle and the Model S sedan.

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