Tesla Recalls More Than 285,000 Cars In China


Tesla is recalling more than 285,000 vehicles in China, including models produced at Gigafactory in Shanghai. According to The Wall Street Journal, the action refers to updating the software related to cruise control mode.

According to the information, the autopilot of electric cars could be activated by accident and cause them to accelerate unexpectedly. The software update is being done remotely, without the need to leave the vehicles at the dealerships.

Chinese regulators have revealed that the recall includes 249,855 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles manufactured in Shanghai. The other 35,665 Model 3 cars are imported, all produced between December 2019 and June 2021.

Although it did not respond to requests for comment from the US press, Tesla published an apology about what happened on the Chinese social network Weibo.

Tough year for Tesla in China

In 2018, Tesla signed an agreement to build a factory in China — the world’s largest electrical market. With the goal of producing 500,000 vehicles a year in the country, Gigafactory Shanghai started activities in 2019.

However, the year 2021 is not being so favorable for the brand in the Asian country. In March of this year, local authorities expressed concern for national security because of the actions of the American automaker.

Suspicious of car security cameras, the Chinese government allegedly banned the brand’s models from entering military areas. CEO Elon Musk had to publicly state that cars are not used for espionage.

Finally, Tesla complied with China’s requirements and opted to locally store the data collected in the country by the vehicles. A maneuver that aims to improve the relationship with the local government and expand its operations.


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