Tesla Recalls 30,000 Vehicles in China


Electric car maker Tesla is recalling about 30,000 Model S and Model X in China due to manufacturing issues. It was said that the problem, which was stated to be related to the suspension of the vehicles, could cause an accident.

US-based electric car manufacturer Tesla, whose CEO is Elon Musk, is recalling many of its vehicles in China due to production problems. According to Bloomberg, the company recalled nearly every imported Model S and Model X sold in the country due to issues with the vehicles’ suspension.

A total of 29,193 vehicles sold between September 2013 and January 2018 without the recall are affected, according to the Chinese State Market Regulatory Authority. The problem that causes the recall is defined as a weakness in the suspension of the Model S and Model X that can lead to cracks after impact.

It is said that the problem can increase the risk of accidents and pose safety hazards:
Electrek reports that when some vehicles under the recall are subjected to a major external impact or impact, the first crack occurs in the interior parts of the front suspension, and the crack gets bigger as the vehicle continues to be used. It is also stated in the same report that this problem can affect the control of the vehicle, increase the risk of accidents and create safety hazards.

This is not the first time Tesla has made a recall in the Chinese market due to security concerns. The electric car manufacturer recalled more than 3,000 vehicles manufactured in 2016 in February this year due to a potential problem that could cause sudden hardening of the Model X’s steering box and increase the risk of accidents.

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Electrek also suggests that the problematic Model S and Model X vehicles were made in the US, with Tesla using the same suspension on all Model S and Model X vehicles, regardless of whether they were exported to China. Therefore, if the vehicles exported to China are recalled, it is thought that the company may also recall Model S and Model X vehicles in other countries.


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