Tesla Produces 200,000 Cars In The Quarter for The First Time


Tesla: For the first time since its founding, Tesla surpassed the delivery mark of 200,000 electric vehicles in a single quarter. Information released by market intelligence company StreetAccount this Friday (2) indicate that, in the last three months, the company produced 206,421 units and released 201,250 cars, including Model S, S Plaid, X, 3 and Y versions.

Estimates ranged from 190,000 to 231,000, but logistical challenges, such as parts shortages and component price increases in general, affected the progress of operations.

Because of this, to deal with rising costs, the manufacturer decided to apply some changes to its products, such as the removal of the lumbar backrest from passenger seats on Model 3/Y. Company valuations indicated little use by owners and the investment was not justified.

Among other problems, there was also the departure of several executives from the automaker, such as Al Prescott (former general advisor) in April and Lynn Miller (former assistant general advisor) and Jerome Guillen (former president of the automotive and truck sector heavy) in June. Anyway, the information heated up Tesla’s shares and the value rose 1.5% after the positive numbers.

record succession

This is the second record broken by the company in 2021 alone. In the first quarter, the manufacturer delivered 184,800 and built 180,338 electric cars, even with production of its Model S and X vehicles halted due to the pandemic. In addition, in May, 10,000 units were waiting for a new system, causing further delays.

On June 11, Elon Musk promised that there would soon be hundreds of cars a week hitting customers, but that he wouldn’t produce thousands of Model S until the next quarter – which finally arrived.


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