Tesla Prepares to Offer Paid Subscription System to Vehicle Owners


Tesla Prepares to Offer Paid Subscription System to Vehicle Owners

Tesla begins to charge the Premium Connectivity service on a monthly basis, enabling customers to access more data. The company gives all customers a one-month trial period.

Tesla had previously said that from 1 July 2018, some in-vehicle data would be paid. But this event was not fully implemented. Now the company has begun to alert its customers who have purchased vehicles during the period of July 1, 2018 and beyond.

Tesla warns that customers will be eligible for a 30-day Premium Connectivity subscription. If customers are satisfied with the service, they have to pay $ 10 each month to continue their membership. However, before 1 July 2018, Premium Connectivity service is not needed to access all data for vehicle buyers.

Many people may see Tesla’s service as a bit unnecessary and a little money trap. However, we will not see that those who do not purchase this feature are restricted. Satellite maps and live traffic monitoring are not normally available.

However, media playback, Internet browsing and Caraoke features are included in the standard package. All you need to use them is to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. For this purpose, you can easily connect with the Hotspot feature after turning on your phone’s data while traveling with your Tesla vehicle.

Tesla’s decision was expected since June last year. Understandably, the company has become a little concerned about the cost of the data. Therefore, in order to alleviate this burden, he tried to reflect it to his customers.


For most Tesla users, paying $ 10 a month to the Premium Connectivity service will not be a problem. However, such a service can still create problems for some users. Tesla has been sharing its data with its users for years without any charge, so users will have to get used to the new system.

Last September, Tesla offered some users a 50 GB quota. But no one knew what the consequences would be if the quota was exceeded. This data was also shown to users who were members of Tesla’s Premium Connectivity service.

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