Tesla Owners Do Not Recommend Tesla Brand Tools


According to the researches of USA-based Consumer Reports, Tesla brand cars are not recommended by users. Consumer Reports, who made this statement, according to reports from consumers, say that there were problems especially in Model Y and Model S, and the recommended model is Model 3.

There was an unexpected development regarding Tesla, the first brand that comes to mind when talking about electric motor cars. According to a report on CNBC, consumers do not recommend Tesla brand cars. The reason for this situation varies within the scope of the models. For example, consumers criticize the Model S for its touchscreen, air suspension and main computer, while Model Y owners complain about the paint and body equipment of their vehicles.

Tesla is second to last in reliability studies, according to studies by the Consumer Reports team. Interestingly, the team only recommends Tesla’s sedan named “Model 3”. Let’s not go without saying that Model Y and Model S were released later than Model 3, and these vehicles are more advanced.

Consumers are raising many problems with Model S and Model Y. These problems, which have been going on for years, have also lowered Tesla’s score on Consumer Reports. Jake Fisher of Consumer Reports, who made a statement on the subject, stated that the Model S was the highest rated vehicle in 2015, but there was a continuous fluctuation in the 5-year period. Also referring to Model Y, Fisher stated that the body of this vehicle is far below average reliability.

In the meantime, notifications about problems with Tesla branded vehicles continue to come without interruption. For example, a consumer with a Model Y said a few days ago that the glass roof of his car exploded and he was driving the vehicle with the top open. In addition, Tesla made a new decision regarding the Model X and Model S and announced that the warranty coverage of the vehicles will be extended. It is really astonishing how such problems are experienced in a brand that many automobile enthusiasts like Tesla admire …

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