Tesla owner sleeping in Autopilot caught by police


A Tesla owner was caught sleeping with the seat fully reclined while the vehicle’s Autopilot feature was active. It was stated that the car was moving at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. The incident in question took place in the Canadian province of Alberta.

In the statement made by the Alberta police on the subject, the following statements are made: “A notice was received to the Alberta RCMP that a vehicle was speeding on the second highway near Ponoka. It was understood that the car was in automatic driving mode, both front seats were fully folded and the people in the car slept. ”

With this statement, the photo of the car was shared on the Twitter account.

Tesla’s Autopilot is not entirely a driverless travel system. However, the system has many driving support features. With Autopilot, it is possible to travel on highways without driver intervention. But the company is asking drivers to keep their eyes on the road and not let go of the wheel.

To guarantee this, Tesla had linked Autopilot to remain active by applying a slight force to the steering wheel. However, some drivers circumvent this condition by attaching a small weight to the steering wheel.

The incident report also touches on some interesting movements that the police saw in the Autopilot controlled vehicle. It is stated that Autopilot started to accelerate after seeing the police lamps and reached a speed of 150 kilometers according to radar data.

After the vehicle was stopped, the Tesla owner was first given an over speeding penalty. Later, a criminal action was initiated against the owner of the vehicle on the grounds of “dangerous driving”.

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