Tesla Opens World’s Largest Supercharger Station


Tesla, which we know with the electric cars it has launched, has opened the world’s largest charging station in California, USA. The facility, which has 56 super charging units, also includes a market and a restaurant for vehicle owners to use.

US-based electric car manufacturer Tesla, whose CEO is Elon Musk, is rapidly expanding its supercharger network. The company, which has 20-unit superchargers in Norway and 50 units in Shanghai, China, has now opened the world’s largest supercharger station in Firebaugh, California.

This supercharger, which is even bigger than the facility in Shanghai, with 56 superchargers, means a new record for Tesla. The station is located between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, which represent the two largest markets for the electric car manufacturer.

Tesla’s fleet is growing every day:

Tesla’s fleet, which releases more electric car models compared to other automakers, continues to grow day by day. The company continues to develop its infrastructure, particularly service centers, mobile service fleet and charging stations, to support this growing fleet.

In this context, the company, which recently announced that it has placed 20,000 charging units in the Super Charge network, seems to increase this number even more in the coming days. The new station with 56 charging units is 6 times larger than Tesla’s average super charging station.

Located between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, the station also has a market and restaurant for customers to use. In addition, Tesla built awnings with solar energy panels on the charging units to both shade the vehicles and provide power to the charging station.

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CEO Elon Musk says similar facilities will become more and more common with the launch of Supercharger V3 stations that started last year. With the 3rd generation charging stations, Tesla claims that the time spent by vehicle owners in the facilities will be reduced by half and a range of 120 km can be achieved with 5 minutes of charging.


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