Tesla Model Y is dismantled!


We are familiar with phone shredding videos of channels like iFixit, JerryRigEverything. YouTube channel, Munro Live, broke the vehicle and signed an extraordinary job. Tesla Model Y is broken into pieces.

Tesla Model Y broken into pieces
Many people wondered about the materials contained in any item they used. You can find hundreds of channels on YouTube, especially when it comes to electronic device shredding. Similarly, there are videos where you can see some of the motor vehicles.

Model Y consists of two different versions. Performance model comes up with 234km / h final speed and 3.5 seconds 0-100 time. Long Range AWD version has 217km / h final speed and 0-100 seconds values ​​of 4.8 seconds.

Unlike other channels, Munro Live has created a playlist on the Tesla Model Y, which it disassembles. Providing information about each disassembled piece, the Munro team enables us to see the quality of the parts used.

Disassembling products that consist of thousands of parts, such as cars, is more laborious than other products. The video published also provides information about the resources made in the vehicle. If you are interested in electronic and mechanical systems, we recommend you to watch Model Y shredding videos.


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