Tesla Model X And S Get AMD RDNA 2 Update


Tesla Model X and S received updates. Introducing its new technologies at the Computex event, AMD announced that AMD RDNA 2 technology will be used in Tesla Model X and S.

In the past months, it has been announced that the Tesla Model X and S will be renewed. AMD confirmed at its event today that they will add graphics hardware with RDNA 2 technology to Tesla.

10 Teraflop eras with AMD RDNA 2 on Tesla Model X

Introducing the new Model X and S in January, Tesla announced that the developed infotainment systems will have 10 Teraflops of processing power. After the statement, it was claimed that the company will use AMD’s technologies.

Speaking at the Computex event held today, AMD Chief Executive Officer Lisa Su appeared with a presentation confirming the claims about Tesla.

Explaining that RDNA 2 technology will be used in Tesla model vehicles, Su said, “Tesla Model X and S owners will use the RDNA 2 technology found in their game consoles in their vehicles. RDNA 2 technology will come into play in games that require high performance.” used the phrases.

The Tesla Model S 2021 will use the Navi 23 graphic interface. Thanks to Navi 23, which can provide 8 GB GDDR6 memory and a total bandwidth of 224 GB / s, Tesla Model S will be able to give game console performance.