Tesla Model S ‘Cyberwagon’ Concept Inspired by Cybertruck


A designer inspired by Cybertruck built a new concept based on Tesla Model S. The concept called ‘Tesla Cyberwagon’ was designed as a model wagon model of Cy.

Tesla had shaken the automotive design world with its new pickup Cybertruck, which it introduced last November. The echo created by the car’s unusual design continues. Finally, a designer shared a concept of a station wagon based on Tesla Model S, inspired by Cybertruck.

Carrying out automobile designs on YouTube, The Sketch Monkey signed an interesting design with the concept called ‘Tesla Cyberwagon’. Tesla Cyberwagon draws attention to the radical look and uniqueness of Cybertruck. The Sketch Monkey applied the pickup’s design lines to the back of Model S. As a result, a Model S of the station wagon with sharp edges appeared.

The designer’s Cyberwagon concept resembles the rear design that Volvo used in its vehicles. If the vertical taillights were made a little wider, a modern Volvo 850 could emerge. On the other hand, after seeing Cybertruck, we think he might be an inspiration for Tesla.

Changes were made only to the rear of the car. With sharper corners, thin headlights at the front and a stainless steel look, a more compact model can be born, accompanying the Cybertruck.

Video of the Tesla Cyberwagon concept:


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