Tesla Model rival, Mercedes appears in the streets


New images of the Merdedes-Benz EQE model were released earlier this week. This time, the prototype of the camouflaged electric car was spotted during road tests in Germany.

The records, which were made by the walkoARTvideos channel, show the vehicle in its striking white color with several details drawn in black. Since mid-October 2020 the car has been tested in a variety of environments.

According to Mercedes, the model should be launched later this year. Both EQE and EQS will be based on a new platform from the German brand called EVA (Eletric Vehicle Architecture). Among the differentials, this structure uses a high percentage of aluminum to reduce the weight of the cars.

According to the InsideEvs website, the EQE model will be produced at a plant in Bremen (German city) and later in Beijing. Production in China will be directed to the local market.

Mercedes production aims to rival Tesla’s Model S. In this case, the EQE will also have an SUV version, which has not had as much information released.


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