Tesla Model 3 Traveled Almost 620 Kilometers

A YouTube channel called the Full Mars Catalog has released a new video of Tesla Model 3 with Full Self-Driving. In the video, Tesla Model 3 made its way from San Francisco to Los Angeles on its own, with almost no intervention.

Elon Musk’s biggest plan and dream about Tesla is to produce Tesla model vehicles that can go on their own without any intervention thanks to Full Self-Driving. A YouTube channel called Whole Mars Catalog tested the Tesla Model 3 vehicle with Full Self-Driving feature on the long road and shared its experiences on YouTube.

The video featured the driving of the Tesla Model 3 model vehicle from San Francisco to Los Angeles in autopilot mode, with almost no intervention thanks to its Full Self-Driving feature. The driver intervened in the car only to avoid road debris.

Tesla Model 3 takes control from San Francisco to Los Angeles

This video, published by the Whole Mars Catalog, showed for the first time the long-term experience of a Tesla model vehicle with Full Self-Driving feature. Tesla Model 3 made this journey of almost 620 kilometers on its own, with the exception of light interventions. Thanks to this video, it was the first time that this feature, which is in beta version, can be advanced and reliable.

Although Whole Mars Catalog did not want to interfere with the vehicle during the drive, it had to take over the steering from the autopilot once or twice due to an accident on the road. Although the security sensors of the Full Self-Driving feature are not fully trusted yet, the sensors in Tesla vehicles are expected to fully predict possible collisions in the future.

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