Tesla Model 3 Is Saved From Pileup by Automatic Braking


Tesla Model 3: Rumors about Tesla’s electric car brake failures have taken over Chinese social media in recent days, especially after the owner of a Model 3 protested during the Shanghai Motor Show on April 19. But a video posted on Twitter this Tuesday (4) shows the braking system working and preventing an accident.

In the recording, made during the rainy night in the city of Shenzhen, China, a Tesla Model 3 escapes from getting involved in a four-car pileup just in front of it after the sedan’s brakes were applied by the autopilot, stopping it at a minimum distance from the fourth crashed vehicle.

The rear camera installed on the model manufactured by the automaker Elon Musk still shows him escaping from being hit by a car behind him, a Lexus, whose brakes also worked well on the wet track, making him stop a few centimeters away from the Tesla. Watch the video below:

According to Teslarati, the owner of the Model 3 noticed that the brakes were already being applied by the Autopilot system even before he touched the pedal, highlighting the correct operation of the braking and also the safety features of the automatic driving mode.

Tesla responds to complaints

After the protest at the Auto Show in China, the American automaker spoke out, saying that the protester owned a vehicle involved in an accident earlier this year.

According to the driver, the collision with the other car occurred after a failure in the brakes of her car. However, the police indicated that the cause of the crash was related to reckless driving.

The manufacturer apologized for not yet solving the problem involving the owner and said that it will create a “special treatment team” dedicated to solving the case. She also confirmed that she was contributing to the investigations.


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