Tesla Model 3 creates optimized Apple CarPlay concept


In June 2020 we saw Apple introduce subtle improvements to CarPlay, but now a designer named John Calkins has decided to create a concept of how Apple’s media center would work on a larger screen, like the Tesla Model 3’s 15-inch screen.

See what the Apple CarPlay would look like on a 15-inch touch screen that should certainly be able to provide an incredible experience when driving a car.

The concept uses a dock on the left side of the screen to launch applications, making it easier for the driver to use and reach shortcuts, looking almost like a MacOS Big Sur adapted for an iPad. The rest of the dashboard is divided into two parts, one for general control of the car such as the temperature and intensity of the air conditioning, lighting, headlights and windshield wipers.

Check out the Calkins concept below:

It is interesting to note that the interface has an application drawer, so all of them do not need to occupy the space on the screen, something very similar to that seen on several Android devices, but rejected so far on Apple phones. Siri’s button is just below it. There is also a control for playing music on the main interface.

As you can see above, the rest of the screen would be used to display a map for navigation most of the time, or it could also be used to show applications, which can be useful if the ride driver wants to watch a show or watch TV while the driver is driving .

For now, such a complete version of CarPlay appears to be far from occurring, although Apple has already announced that it is negotiating with automakers such as Hyundai to produce a vehicle with the technologies of the Cupertino company. In addition, there are indications that Apple and TSMC may be working together to create a processor for autonomous cars or even perhaps the long-dreamed Apple Car.


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