Tesla Model 3 Becomes Best Selling Car in Two Countries


Today, when electric cars have started to become widespread, companies such as Tesla, Elon Musk’s company, are leading the sector. Of course, these companies’ projections are reflected in their sales figures. Tesla’s popular vehicle, Model 3, has left many popular cars behind, making it the best-selling car in the Netherlands and Norway.

Sales figures of cars; It is evaluated under subheadings such as ‘luxury cars’, ‘electric cars’, ‘SUV vehicles’, and in recent years, Tesla branded vehicles have been climbing up the hills in their lists. Of course, statistics comparing the sales figures by including all the cars are also published, but we did not see Tesla in the lists as popular models that were not electrified in the past marked this list.

The shift in trend in the automotive industry to electric cars pushed many automakers to invest in this area, but companies such as Tesla had the advantage of having previously invested in this area. This advantage has started to be reflected in the lists mentioned above, so that Tesla’s Model 3 vehicle became the best selling car in both countries.

Tesla Model 3 made a big difference to its rivals in the Netherlands:
According to statistics published by Clean Technica, 29,922 Tesla Model 3 were sold in the Netherlands in the past year. While the closest competitor of this vehicle is Volkswagen Polo with 12,920 units, the top five in the list were completed with Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Kia Niro after these vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 was also the best selling car in Norway:
Tesla Model 3 took the first place in Norway, just like in the Netherlands. The models following the vehicle selling 15,683 units in 2019 were Volkswagen Golf (mostly e-Golf), Nissan LEAF, Audi e-tron and BMW i3. Looking at the vehicles sold in Norway, it is possible to say that the transition to electric cars has accelerated in this country.


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