What a Tesla minivan with sliding doors would look like


A group of specialist vehicle designers imagined what the Tesla Model X would look like if it were a minivan. The concept gives a more familiar look to the Tesla SUV, removing its “falcon wings” doors, replacing them with sliding doors characteristic of the segment and giving more space for luggage and passengers.

Tesla’s vehicle design prioritizes a look that emphasizes the nature of electric cars, giving them an air of luxurious, futuristic cars. Making the Tesla Model X more familiar, the Drivable Designs group developed the “Tesla Model XL”, a variant of the electric SUV as a minivan.

The first changes are in the space for the crew of the tram. The designers unburden passengers in the rear seats; increase the length of the door and end by replacing the “falcon wings” design with sliding doors. In addition, the trunk has gained more space – due to the new design.

In video, the group demonstrates part of the production of the images and the “before and after” of the first transformation. The concept brings several modifications to the original model and would probably imply changes in the performance of the tram – either by the total weight of the structure, or by the total number of passengers supported.

Because it is just a concept made by a fan, this idea may not even be seen by Tesla and, consequently, never be a product. Still, it is interesting to see what changes would be needed to make a Tesla car more conventional.


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