Tesla Launches Monthly Subscription Format for Autopilot


Tesla: The automaker Tesla confirmed this Saturday (17) the launch of a new method of payment for the complete autopilot system (Full Self-Driving) of the company’s cars.

From now on, customers can choose between purchasing the technology in one payment and with the outright purchase (US$10,000) or monthly fees (US$199 or US$99, if you were a previous customer in the Enhanced Autopilot category) . The goal is to win over those who still don’t feel safe with the technology or just want to use it for special moments, such as a trip.

In the case of subscription, those who do not have an updated on-board computer (version HW3.0) must also purchase the component for an additional US$ 1.5 thousand.

The service is not yet called Level 5 autonomy, which not only guarantees autonomous driving, but also removes the need for a driver to pay attention to the road and have his hands ready to take the wheel. However, it brings several of the technologies currently in Beta, such as automatic navigation, lane change, control of traffic signs and license plates, parking assistant and Summon, which makes the car come to you when summoned.

The subscription model was promised for 2021, but without a defined date. Tesla CEO Elon Musk awaited the initial release of the new Beta version of the autopilot, which has been constantly delayed since April this year.


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