Tesla Launches Model S and X Vehicles with Updated Features


Tesla updated the Model S and X vehicles. The range of the cars has been increased from 600 and 527 kilometers to 627 and 564 kilometers. In addition, vehicles will now have brand new wheels and will give car lovers a nice driving experience. The reactions to this update, where detailed comments and tests have not yet arrived, are a matter of curiosity.

Tesla seems to satisfy the users with its new features, while it is said that it will take a little more time for the brand to make an update on the power of the vehicles. At the beginning of our article, we have to say that there are not big changes in performance in both models. It is also unclear whether this new update includes any hardware changes or whether it is the result of further changes to Tesla’s software and efficiency formula.

Detailed comments about innovations have not yet arrived
Tesla last updated its Model S and X series in April last year after making some changes to the powertrain. After this update, more than 10% improvement in range was seen. For the time being, there has been no change in the charge rates of the vehicles, both cars are available as having a maximum charging speed of 200kW. Besides, let’s not go without adding that both of them are still suitable for free supercharging.

It is commented that one of the innovations, 19 ″ wheels, can provide an aerodynamic benefit compared to previous wheel selections. The Tempest wheels are known to be flatter than the previous wheel selection and therefore are predicted to be slightly better for aerodynamics.

Also, according to the latest statement by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, all S / X cars produced in recent months were actually reported to exceed the specified EPA range. It was added that the very curious software update will be available for free soon. In addition, Tesla now reportedly wants to add more wheels and tires to its models. We will see together the next user comments on new features and how much the company will make promises in the coming days.


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