Tesla Is Involved In Another Fatal Accident


Tesla, which appeared in the market with its electric and autonomous cars, was involved in another accident. The driverless Tesla, who recently buried 2 people in the USA, this time was involved in a fatal accident in China.

After the increase of brake and autopilot problems in Tesla cars recently, the company had serious reactions. In fact, a Tesla owner woman said, “Tesla brakes do not work,” at the Shanghai auto show that took place recently, wreaked havoc.

1 person died in Tesla accident

The accident that took place yesterday evening was announced by Guangzhou Zengcheng Police. It was stated that the engine of the vehicle caught fire as a result of the accident and 1 person died. The cause of the accident has not been revealed precisely, but information claimed that the Tesla car hit a concrete bridge on the side of the road while trying to overtake a vehicle in front.

Recently criticized for allegedly not dealing with the problems of consumers, Tesla contacted the Chinese authorities after the accident and promised to cooperate 100 percent. At the moment, it is not known for certain whether the vehicle had an accident due to its “autopilot” feature or any other reason. More new information will emerge in the coming days.

The accident that took place in China brought to mind the events that took place before. Especially the accident, which took place in the USA 3 days ago and caused the death of 2 people, led to claims that Tesla autopilot features have problems.

Elon Musk, who made a statement after these allegations, denied the allegations by declaring that the autopilot feature of the vehicle was not activated at the time of the accident. In addition, Musk explained that for the autopilot feature to be activated, there must be lanes on the road, and there are no lanes where the accident occurred.

What do you think of these accidents, do Tesla cars really have a chronic problem? We are waiting your comments.


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