Tesla Is Investigated For Allowing Drivers To Play While Driving


Tesla: It is not new that Elon Musk encourages digital games in Tesla cars, always looking for a more autonomous future — recently, the company even signed a partnership with SEGA to make the game Sonic available in electric vehicles. But it looks like the house has fallen to the company: the US government is investigating Tesla for allowing drivers to gamble while driving.

The US National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) has revealed that it is conducting an official investigation into cases of motorists playing in Tesla’s electric cars while driving.

Driving or playing?

The Passenger Play feature theoretically allows passengers to play while the driver is driving. The functionality has been available in Tesla cars since 2020, but there is a serious problem with it.

It all started with a complaint from Vince Patton, a Tesla customer who filed a complaint with the agency when he found out he could also gamble while driving — despite owning an electrical manufacturer’s vehicle, Patton believes it’s reckless and dangerous to visual distractions in traffic.

The driver was able to play the classic Solitaire card while he was driving and, in addition, he also accessed the internet while the car was in motion. “I was amazed that, yes, sure enough, this sophisticated video game came along. Someone will be killed. It’s absolutely insane,” revealed the Tesla customer.