Tesla: Interesting Detail In 2021 First Quarter Report

Tesla gave a striking report. US-based companies regularly report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) every year. Interesting details emerged in the first quarter of 2021 report prepared by Tesla for the SEC. Making a statement about the level 5 fully autonomous technology in the report, the company gave details about the problems encountered.

Striking report from Tesla on level 5 fully autonomous technology

Making a statement in 2019, Elon Musk said, “We want to meet our customers with a million robotaxes next year.” used the expressions. The company, which has collected billions of dollars over this, started to shrink its targets after the third quarter of 2019.

Tesla, which has activated a level 2 driver support system for the vehicles it produces, announced that they continue to work for fully autonomous vehicles. However, the studies were suspended for a while due to both US laws and some problems encountered.

Tesla, which has not made a statement about level 5 fully autonomous vehicles for a long time, broke its silence with the SEC report released yesterday. Making a statement about the problems encountered, the company mentioned some striking points.

Stating that vision sensors should be used for Level 5 fully autonomous vehicles, Tesla said that they cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data from the sensors. Underlining that driverless vehicle production is a difficult process, the company explained that they encountered many problems such as legal regulations and parts availability.

Some analysts state that the Tesla has begun to make a more realistic explanation due to the problems it encountered during the use of level 2 driver assistance system and in level 5 fully autonomous operations. Although no concrete steps have been taken by other companies yet, it is estimated that fully autonomous vehicles are unlikely to become widespread in the next 5 years.



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