Tesla Increases Range of 2021 Model 3 Models


Tesla presented a giant innovation to its users with the 2021 Model 3, which debuted today. The range of the new models has been increased thanks to the new ‘efficiency package’. Despite the new package, the price of the Model 3 has not changed.

Tesla, the electric car giant, has offered its users a very comfortable use with the models it has launched so far. However, Tesla’s models were one click behind the electric car models that would rival the company in terms of range offered on a single charge.

Model 3, one of Tesla’s most successful and newest models, got the 2021 model today. The 2021 model of the popular car offers an important innovation to its users. Tesla has increased the range that the vehicles can cover on a single charge in the 2021 model of Model 3 without asking any additional price.

The range of all models of Model 3 is increased:

According to the company’s statement, Tesla Model 3 2021 experienced a small range update thanks to the new ‘efficiency package’ in all models. Thanks to the new efficiency package, Tesla Model 3 users will be able to cover more range. The company introduced the new efficiency package to all models in the 2021 Model 3 family.

According to the statement, the range increase that Tesla Model 3 2021 models will experience with the new package will be as follows:

Tesla Model 3 Standard: 402 kilometers -> 423 kilometers
Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Engine: 519 kilometers -> 568 kilometers
Tesla Model 3 Performance: 481 kilometers -> 506 kilometers

However, there will be an increase in the performance offered by the Performance model of Tesla Model 3. The car, which previously reached from 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds, will have a value of 3.1 seconds with the 2021 model. Moreover, despite the new update, there will be no change in the price of Tesla Model 3.

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