Tesla has unveiled its supercomputer! The transformer does not hold


Tesla unveiled its new Dojo supercomputer at the AI Day event, which took place yesterday. The transformer couldn’t stand the new computer.

Dojo is Tesla’s own proprietary supercomputer platform, created from scratch for analysis using machine learning artificial intelligence and, in particular, video data from its fleet of cars. The automaker already has a massive NVIDIA GPU-based supercomputer, one of the most powerful in the world, but the new Dojo uses custom-made computer chips and all the infrastructure developed by Tesla.

The power grid is not enough for the new Tesla supercomputer

Tesla unveiled its new Dojo supercomputer at the AI Day event, which took place yesterday. Last year, the company also revealed details about its AI-enabled computer. Last year, Ankal couldn’t see the computer live, and instead some of his equipment was provided to us.

Today, Tesla unveiled its new Dojo supercomputer and talked about the progress made over the past year. A custom-made supercomputer is considered an important step in analyzing images of Tesla brand cars. Thus, it is expected that the company’s work on autonomous vehicles will accelerate.

Tesla says it has made significant progress compared to last year. The company stated that one Dojo processor can do the same as 6 GPUs. It was also stated that the costs will be reduced thanks to the new computer.

The company also claims that one batch of Dojo processors is equivalent to 3-4 fully loaded racks for supercomputers. Tesla will be able to integrate the host interface directly into the system tray to create a large full-fledged host. Tesla claims that it can place two such system trays in one Dojo booth along with the mainframe.

The electric vehicle manufacturer continues to develop and test the infrastructure necessary to create the first Dojo Exapod. The company said they had to develop their own powerful cooling and power systems to power the Dojo cabins. Because when they tried to test the system for the first time, it was noted that the transformer providing electricity to the region could not withstand the load.

Tesla plans to complete the Dojo Exapod in the first quarter of 2023. So, what do you think about the Tesla Dojo computer technology? You can share your opinion with us in the comments section.


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