Tesla goes from San Francisco to Los Angeles


A Tesla Model 3 owner recorded a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles while using the beta version of Autopilot autonomous driving software. In highlight, there are almost no human interventions during the entire route.

Published by the Whole Mars Catalog on YouTube, the video shows the 610 km route traveled between the two Californian cities. With images from inside the vehicle, it is possible to observe the behavior of the program when assuming the direction.

During the journey, the driver of the Model 3 just took control in a quick moment. This happened when some fallen objects suddenly appeared on the track.

“I couldn’t wait to see if the Autopilot would avoid the wreckage on the road. So, I made sure to take the direction to avoid the obstacles ”, commented the owner of the Tesla electric vehicle.

Despite the impressive performance, the driver said the car had some strange behavior along the way. However, he did not interfere because he was attentive to the program’s reactions and ready to take over if necessary.

Check out the video with images of the return trip to San Francisco:

Fully Autonomous Direction still in 2021

The beta version of Tesla’s Autonomous Driving software was made available to selected users at the end of October 2020. As in the examples above, the brand recommends that the driver is always attentive to take control of the vehicle.

In addition to the “autopilot” function, the program brings other resources for drivers. For example, it can park alone and maneuver out of small spaces using commands sent by application or by the vehicle key.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, the final version of the software will be launched in the prepaid service format in the first half of 2021. In the United States, the subscription of the package will have a monthly value of US $ 10,000.


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