Tesla gigafactory in Shanghai is preparing for export in the third quarter


A drone has captured a huge fleet of Tesla electric vehicles from a Shanghai gigafactory, presumably preparing for export in the third quarter. The factory was closed for 22 days due to the Covid lockdown. When production resumed again, employees were forced to sleep in factory workshops until the end of quarantine. This was part of a closed plan to comply with security measures in the country. This affected the company’s overall production, as it could not work the usual three shifts.

This month, Tesla was unseated as the largest seller of electric vehicles in the world. The Chinese company BYD overthrew him. Despite the strict restrictions of Covid, the Chinese company showed sales growth of 315% year-on-year, selling 641,000 vehicles. That’s compared to the 564,000 Tesla sold. This is 46 percent more than in the previous year, but it is not enough to keep its crown.

Wu Wa, a YouTube channel dedicated to the construction of the Shanghai Tesla gigafactory, posted a video of the Tesla Model 3 at the Luchao Pier of Nangang Port. The account says that, according to the news, electric cars are heading to the European market. So anyone waiting for their Tesla in Europe can be thrilled that their car is on the way. The video shows thousands of cars ready to be shipped to their owners. It looks like the plant is recovering from past delays.

Tesla is trying to regain the throne

Tesla will undoubtedly want to regain its reputation as the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world. In addition to being blocked in China, supply chain issues have also caused problems for the company. These problems are expected to persist throughout this year. In addition to these problems, the company also faced problems in the field of labor, production and transportation. The Tesla gigafactory in Berlin had to be closed for two weeks due to the fact that production took a long time, as well as due to the inability to meet the demand for the model Y. The company closed the plant to solve problems. So, the former EV leader had one problem after another.

Volkswagen also announced that it claims the first place in sales of electric vehicles. Herbert Diess, CEO of the German automobile company, said that by 2025 the company intends to overtake Tesla as the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. 2024. Thus, if the company increases production to more than two million in 2024, it will be able to achieve this. Tesla will have to make some changes to fight the competition. Unfortunately, Tesla has also raised the prices of all its cars, and consumers have lost their discounts on electric cars in California when buying these cars. It has had so many problems over the past year that it would be difficult to regain the top spot and drive away other car manufacturers, but it looks like Tesla is trying to fix it before it’s too late.