Tesla Fully Autonomous Vehicles Under Investigation


Tesla autonomous vehicles are under review. California’s Ministry of Motor Vehicles has launched a new investigation for Tesla autonomous vehicles. Research is being done to reveal whether fully autonomous driving characteristics are reflected.

The ministry confirmed the investigation in an e-mail sent to the Associated Press on Monday. State regulation prohibits autonomous sale or lease of Tesla vehicles that do not meet the regulatory definition.

Tesla’s autonomous vehicles under investigation

Tesla introduces the “Full Function Self-Driving” option for its electric vehicles in the band of 10 thousand dollars on its website. However, the same website says that vehicles cannot go on their own. CEO Elon Musk says that Tesla expects its vehicles to be safer than humans this year.

Tesla is testing its fully autonomous driving software with certain people in the USA. The company, headquartered in Palo Alto in California, calls its partially automated driver assistance system “Autopilot”.

Tesla has not yet responded to the request for review and comment on this issue. The DMV, which regulates the testing of self-driving vehicles on California roads, stated that violating the regulation could lead to the suspension of autonomous vehicle permits and the revocation of a manufacturer’s license. He hasn’t commented any further on the review, including when it started.

Tesla has a DMV permit to test autonomous vehicles with human backup drivers. However, it is not among the companies that are allowed to test without human drivers. The company reports that the Total Self Drive software can steer, automatically change lanes and follow traffic lights and stop signs. The “autopilot” can keep a vehicle in the middle of its lane and at a safe distance from vehicles in front of it.

The investigation came amid several high-profile accidents across the country in recent weeks, including a fatal wreck in California involving the autopilot. On Saturday, a Tesla in autopilot mode crashed into the patrol car of a Snohomish County deputy north of Seattle, causing significant damage. However, no one was injured.

On May 5, a 35-year-old man died in an accident in Fontana, California, while driving the Tesla Model 3 on a highway east of Los Angeles.


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