Tesla Found Guilty: To Pay Compensation To Car Owners

Tesla was found guilty by the Norwegian court. According to the decision, Tesla will pay thousands of dollars to vehicle owners.

Another bad news came to the Tesla company, which has not been off the agenda due to the accidents involving autonomous vehicles recently. The company, which has been sued by the car owners due to some problems in their cars, has to pay thousands of dollars in compensation to each car owner according to the court decision.

Tesla is known as a company that supports its cars with the updates they publish. However, according to some car owners, these updates do not have any positive effects on cars. Therefore, the company sued was found guilty by the court.

Updates reduce the performance of vehicles

This claim faced by the Tesla reminded us of another US company Apple. As it is remembered, there have been claims that Apple’s updates have reduced the performance of older iPhone models in recent years. Faced with serious lawsuits at the time, the company had agreed to make a serious payment to the affected users.

This is exactly why the Tesla company is blamed. Tesla allegedly reduced the charging speed and battery capacity of some vehicles with a software update released in 2019. After the update, there was an 11 percent decrease in the range of Model S and Model X vehicles with 85 kWh battery pack produced before 2016.

Among the Tesla vehicle owners affected by the update was David M. Rasmussen, a professor from the USA. In a statement at that time, Rasmussen said, “My 2014 Model S 85 was traveling 247 miles until May 13th. However, after the update was released, its range dropped rapidly. Now it can go 217 miles. This is an 11 percent drop in 5 weeks. ” he used the expressions.

On the other hand, Rasmussen stated that there was a serious decrease in battery capacity and claimed that the vehicle was not charged as fast as before in Supercharger stations. Tesla, on the other hand, made a statement on the allegations that this was done to “protect the battery and increase battery life” and that there were range losses that only affected a small portion of Tesla owners.

Following the increase in the number of vehicle owners affected by the problem after the update, the company was sued in many countries, including the USA and Norway. According to the information received, the Norwegian court found Tesla guilty of reducing the charging speed and vehicle range with the updates it published and decided to pay compensation. Tesla has not yet responded to the decision. If the company does not object to the decision, the plaintiff will have to pay $ 16,000 to each of the 30 Tesla owners. On the other hand, it was stated that there are 10 thousand people affected by this problem in Norway alone. In other words, this compensation payment can reach serious amounts.



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