Tesla donates hundreds of lung ventilators to New York

After skepticism about the covid-19 pandemic, Elon Musk decided to help New York meet the demand for infected patients by buying hundreds of ventilators for hospitals. This is not the first donation from the businessman, who, after being strongly criticized for underestimating the disease, announced last Monday (23) the delivery of 1,255 artificial respiration machines to the California health system. In a post on Twitter, Musk announced, “If you want a lung ventilator for free, please let us know!”

As in the case of California, the machines for New York were imported from China from reliable suppliers and approved by the American government. According to Musk’s forecast, the first wave is expected to arrive in the city this week. NY Mayor Bill de Blasio thanked the donation on Twitter: “We are deeply grateful.”

In an update released last Thursday (26), the United States has officially become the country with the highest number of confirmed cases. In comparison to the other North American cities, NY has more contaminated by the coronavirus.

On Friday (27), Governor Andrew Cuomo reported that 519 deaths have already been reported in the state. As we already know, the disease attacks the lungs, causing respiratory failure; for this reason, ventilators are essential in the treatment of covid-19. However, the state of New York still needs 30,000 machines to meet demand.

Earlier this month, Musk promised to reopen the Tesla plant in the city of Buffalo, where he originally built solar cells, and to reuse it to make these devices. It is worth mentioning that Tesla is just one of many companies that have joined in the fight against the pandemic. In a statement, he said the company would make fans available “by buying or building”.

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