Tesla Denies It Will Open Battery Replacement Facilities


US-based electric car manufacturer Tesla has denied allegations that it plans to open battery replacement facilities in China. Instead, the company will continue to expand its already ongoing Supercharger stations.

US-based electric car maker Tesla has lied the company’s claims that it plans to set up battery exchange facilities in China to reduce charging times. China-based news sources recently reported that Tesla plans to launch a battery replacement service for its vehicles in the country.

Battery replacement is known as a process that allows electric car drivers to quickly replace low-level batteries with a fully charged battery. The company, which tried this service in some pilot regions for the first time in recent years, aimed to eliminate the time drivers spend on charging with this method.

Tesla official said the battery replacement is fraught with problems:

“Tesla will not change batteries,” a representative from the company told Beijing Business Daily. In another report published by Shine, company representatives stated that the battery replacement is not suitable for large-scale use and is fraught with problems.

Tesla will continue to expand its Supercharger facilities:

China-based electric car manufacturer NIO has been offering battery replacement services since 2018 and is considered quite successful in this area. The Chinese manufacturer currently has about 200 battery replacement services in China, and this number is planned to increase to 500 before the end of 2021. The company also introduced the second generation battery replacement station, which will begin to be installed in the coming months, in January.

However, Tesla continues to grow its charging infrastructure called Supercharger. The company, which opened the world’s largest supercharger station in California last year, is increasing the number of fast charging units every day. CEO Elon Musk says that with the launch of Supercharger V3 stations, which started last year, similar facilities will become more and more common.

With the 3rd generation charging stations, Tesla claims that the time spent by vehicle owners in the facilities will be reduced by half and a range of 120 km can be achieved with 5 minutes of charging.


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