Tesla Cybertruck, Roadster and Gigafactory Are Now on PUBG


Last Saturday (17), 3D artist NutT4y posted on his Twitter profile a new trailer for Game for Peace, the Chinese version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile. Directed by a collaboration between Tencent Games and Tesla, the short shows the Cybertruck and the car company’s new Roadster facing robots, traveling in time and space. Check out the full video below.

Unusual disclosure

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and PUBG Mobile also published the trailer on their social media profiles, and Cybertruck has already been exposed by the game in a demonstration last Saturday (17).

The production, carried out by NutT4y and INFINI, disseminates Tesla’s new thematic content in the game. Version 1.5 brought branded vehicles, such as the Model Y and Tesla Semi; players can also assemble cars and learn more about the production process with four “gigafactories” that have been added to the battle royale map — the patch is not exclusive to the Chinese version.

Cybertruck and the new Roadster

We probably won’t see cars traveling across Mars and facing robots like in the production of NutT4y. But Elon Musk has already commented, during a Joe Regan podcast, that the new Roadster will be able to “float” using small rocket boosters to boost performance. According to information from the billionaire, the model could become the fastest mass-manufactured car in the world.

Finally, the CEO stated that he doesn’t worry about a possible failure of Cybertruck due to the “PlayStation 1” aesthetic. The pickup will cost from US$ 40,000, around R$ 205,000, and promises autonomy to travel up to 400 km with a load.