Tesla completed 2020 by achieving its production target


Tesla has achieved one of its important goals in production. The company produced 509 thousand 737 electric cars in 2020 and passed the 500 thousand threshold. The number of vehicles Tesla delivered to its customers remained at 499 thousand 550. The company, which delivered 367 thousand 500 cars in 2019, made significant progress despite the pandemic conditions.

Most of the vehicles produced are the affordable Model 3 and Model Y. The total production number of two vehicles was 454 thousand 932. The total production number of Model S and Model X remained at 54,805. The fact that Tesla produced 179,757 vehicles in the last quarter of the year shows that the company stepped on the gas as it ended 2020.

It is worth noting that there is a possibility that Tesla’s deliveries may exceed 500 thousand. The company stated that the numbers it announced are not yet final and that the 500 thousand deliveries may have passed.

Tesla can still be considered on a small scale compared to traditional automakers. General Motors sold 7.7 million vehicles in fiscal 2019. BMW in the luxury segment managed to sell 2.5 million cars. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Tesla is a small manufacturer compared to its more traditional competitors.


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