Tesla cameras can capture images of attempted theft


The TeslaCam vehicle camera system, which activates three optical devices as soon as the vehicle is started, captured impressive images of a car theft using a firearm, in which the thief shot the driver of a Tesla Model 3. The driver managed to escape unscathed.

According to the Electrek website, an American Navy officer named Draper Younce was standing with his Tesla on a street in Jacksonville in the USA, last Wednesday (10), when a masked man approached the vehicle and, pointing his gun, asked the driver to get out of the car.

Instead of surrendering, Younce crouched down to get out of the gun’s range and accelerated sharply. The thief fired a shot that passed close to the driver, lodging on the Model B’s B-pillar. After turning a corner, the driver decided to activate the TeslaCam, which captures the last minute of images captured by the cameras. The recovered image was shared on your Twitter account.

Escape from attempted robbery and shooting

In the footage, it is possible to see the thief trying to open the vehicle door, but it looks a little “rolled up” with the Model 3 handle. he realized that he should try to escape.

Younce said he noticed that the thief reached out to open the door, but that Tesla handles are kind of hard to find if you’re not used to the car. As soon as the thief looked down at the doorknob, and consequently the barrel of the gun followed the movement, Younce escaped.

Since the thief’s face is partially visible in the video, the driver is raising money to offer a reward for his capture. Sentinel Mode, a kind of alarm that plays loud music, and TeslaCam have been helping the police make several arrests since they were launched.

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