Tesla to Award Model 3 and 500 Thousand Dollars to Hack Car


While electric cars bring many advantages, they cannot escape being the target of digital attacks. Tesla, on the other hand, gives money to those who can infiltrate their vehicles’ systems to show how safe their vehicles are and to increase their safety.

Highly connected tools such as Tesla have the advantages of getting updates that bring new features, but can become vulnerable to digital attacks because of their kind features. In the past, it was revealed that hackers remotely controlled the vehicles and made digital flat contacts.

Therefore, it was essential to take extra safety measures for such vehicles. Tesla proposes to award hackers who can infiltrate the Model 3 system at the traditional Pwn2Own event to increase the safety of their vehicles and show how hard they work.

Tesla had already distributed awards at the Pwn2Own event:
At Pwn2Own 2019 in Vancouver, Canada, Tesla awarded Tesla Model 3 to two security researchers who managed to infiltrate the vehicle’s system through the vehicle’s infotainment browser. The Fluoroacetate team, including Amat Cama and Richard Zhu, benefited from the JIT error in the browser. The hackers thus destroyed the code on the vehicle’s hardware and were able to display a message on the screen.

At the event, which will be held in March, the company will present a prize money as well as a car. Those who are able to break the safety of the vehicle, Model 3, as well as up to $ 500 thousand will be the prize money.

The prize money is divided into two layers and varies according to the difficulty of hacking. To get the highest tier award, hackers need to enter the system via radio receiver, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or modem to perform complex hacking. Those who can destroy codes in one or two subsystems will receive $ 400,000 and $ 100,000 prizes.


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