Tesla Autopilot will change gear only


Tesla is one of the most advanced car manufacturers on the market. Their cars are synonymous with innovation thanks to their artificial intelligence, which is one of the most advanced in the world of motorsports. And this is where the company continues to improve, now with a system that makes Autopilot change gear only according to the circumstance.

Autopilot will monitor the entire journey alone

The world of motorsports has grown a lot in recent years. The technological level is increasing and it is not strange to find improvements that make cars circulate alone. And we are not only referring to the models that are capable of parking without the pilot touching the steering wheel, we are also talking about those that have an artificial intelligence capable of driving on their own.

This is where you have to talk about Tesla Autopilot, one of the most advanced AIs that drives for you. If you activate this function, your car will guide you only from the starting point to the destination, without you having to touch the controls. Luckily, the car is automatic, so you won’t have to change gear at any time. But now this won’t be a problem with Autopilot’s new gear shift option either.

According to what the Verge says, this function will appear in the Model S. The operation will be left to the decision of the system taking into account the state of the elements that are around. The example that is given is that of a garage, where the car will have to assess the situation and once the gap is found, it will only change gear and begin the maneuver without the person in the driver’s seat doing more than watching how the car does it for him.

Will it be approved worldwide?

This new feature of Autopilot changing only the gears of the Tesla is a breakthrough. Once this function is implemented, it will be possible to talk about cars driving and parking alone, which leaves humans in a very comfortable position to enjoy any trip. However, the use of this software is not welcome on all sites, so its use will be restricted in some sites around the world.


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