Tesla autopilot reduces accident times 7 times


Autopilot offers more security to Tesla cars, according to a report released by the manufacturer last Thursday (14). With data for the last quarter of 2020, the document indicates that cars with Autopilot are 7 times less likely to cause accidents than models without the mechanism.

Despite being related to some collisions, its functionality allows the driver to make better decisions. It is worth mentioning that the Autopilot is constantly monitored by the manufacturer, who must pass on the data for inspection by the competent authorities.

Tesla cars are safer

In the latest report, Tesla indicates that only one accident was recorded for every 3.45 million miles traveled by vehicles with Autopilot. In cases where drivers were driving without the mechanism, but with Tesla’s safety measures activated, there was only one accident for every 2.05 million miles driven.

Data from the National Road Safety Administration of the United States (NHTSA), in turn, point to an accident every 484 thousand miles. Through this statistical comparison, it is possible to verify that Tesla vehicles are more secure than the others, especially if they have Autopilot.

It is also possible to analyze the evolution of the mechanism itself in one year. Compared to the 2019 data, improvements have been documented. According to Tesla, in the last half of last year, there was an accident for every 3.07 million miles driven – against 3.45 million current miles.


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