Tesla Autopilot now recognizes speed limit signs


The latest update for Tesla Autopilot makes the automatic driving software smarter at recognizing traffic signs. Thanks to the update, Autopilot will be able to detect the speed limit signs and make the necessary adjustments accordingly. This will reduce the likelihood of users getting traffic tickets.

With the update, the embarrassing moments Tesla drivers live at intersections will also decrease. Tesla vehicles will now sound a bell when the traffic light turns green. If there is another vehicle ahead, this chime will not ring before the vehicle in front is moving forward.

Thanks to the chime, users will make their decisions about the semi-autonomous driving experience without delay. In this way, absent drivers will be prevented from waiting for the cars behind.

It will take several weeks for the new Tesla Autopilot update to reach all users. The update, which promises a smoother experience, is also important in terms of Tesla’s approach to fully autonomous driving.

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