Tesla: Autonomous Driving Will Be Tested By Well-Behaved Drivers


Tesla will use personal driving data to select drivers who will have access to the Full Self-Driving (FSD) software beta. The information was revealed by CEO Elon Musk in a Twitter post.

Vehicle owners, who paid for the subscription to the service, can request access to the program’s trial. However, the automaker will ask for permission to verify the driver’s driving history data.

“If driving behavior is good for seven days, beta access will be granted,” Musk said. The 10.0.1 beta version of the FSD was released to a group of owners this weekend and is expected to reach more people as of September 24th.

From Autopilot to FSD

Tesla vehicles leave the factory with an assistance system called Autopilot. Using cameras and sensors, the semi-autonomous driving feature allows the driver to use the car in autopilot mode on roads and cities.

Meanwhile, the FSD is $10,000 worth of additional software (about R$53,000). According to the automaker, the platform will offer full autonomous driving capabilities in the future.

Currently being tested, the program already has functions that allow the car to park on its own. In addition, the active steering system makes the vehicle automatically change lanes on a road depending on the surrounding traffic.

More improvements on the way

Tesla says the new beta version of FDS automates driving on roads and streets. However, the system still requires the driver to pay attention to the route and keep his hands on the steering wheel to take control at any time.

According to some reports, the software still needs to evolve a lot until it reaches a fully autonomous level. For example, several drivers cite that they had to take the wheel after lost turns or because of pedestrian recognition failures.


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