Tesla Autonomous Driving System Is Overrated

Tesla autonomous driving system at level 2. A confession came about the topic of autonomous driving, which has been at the forefront recently. CJ Moore, managing director of autopilot software, said in a statement that Tesla CEO Elon Musk overestimated the capabilities of the advanced autonomous driving assistance system.

The statement to the California Motor Vehicles Department (DMV) came as a result of increased investigations after two people died in the crash caused by the autopilot system.

Tesla autonomous driving system at level 2

Moore said in his comments that Musk’s statements did not match the engineering truth. “Tesla is currently at level 2,” Moore said. “Level 2 technology refers to a semi-automatic driving system that requires supervision of a human driver.”

In a statement to investors in January, Musk said he was extremely confident the car would be able to drive on its own this year with exceedingly human reliability. Moore’s remarks also refer to these comments by Musk.

Last October, Tesla introduced a product called ‘Full Self-Driving’ (FSD) to vehicle owners within the Early Access Program. The update gave drivers access to the autopilot’s partially automated driver assistance system in cities and on local roads. Tesla said there were 824 vehicles in this test program as of March, of which 753 were employees and 71 were non-employees.

In other news, PlainSite published last December talks between Eric Williams, Tesla¬†assistant general counsel, and Miguel Acosta, head of DMV’s autonomous vehicles division. During the interviews, Williams stated that the autopilot system is not autonomous, it is only nominally in an autonomous position.



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