Tesla Is asked to Change Its Autopilot Due to Security Concerns

Although Tesla’s autopilot has saved lives many times, at some points we can face errors. This situation caused Tesla’s autopilot to be criticized for not providing sufficient security and politicians to ask for changes.

California-based automotive company Tesla is one of the industry’s leading names in electric cars and artificial intelligence. The company is also constantly improving the autopilot mode in the cars it manufactures and adding new features. Tesla’s autopilot, which previously saved many drivers’ lives and prevented being involved in a disaster, with many sudden maneuvers and sudden brakes, is sometimes inadequate.

About a month ago, the autopilot of a Tesla Model 3 car passed a traffic cone that had rushed off the road very comfortably and returned to its lane very smoothly. A week later, a Tesla Model 3 hit two parked cars while in autopilot mode. Of course, although the driver’s fault is the same in such accidents, the inability of the autopilot to make enough decisions makes people doubt about the safety of this system.

Changes to Tesla autopilot requested
Such accidents with Tesla’s autopilot brought security concerns, and therefore caused many politicians to go over Tesla. A senator named Ed Markey shared some suggestions for any changes to Tesla’s autopilot. One of them was to change the name of Tesla’s autopilot.

Tesla’s driver assistant’s name is mentioned directly as Autopilot, which causes drivers to trust this system more than it should. Senator proposes to rename this system and warn drivers. In addition, one of the senator’s suggestions is a surveillance system to be placed on the steering wheel.

This surveillance system will test whether the driver is touching the steering wheel, so that the driver is not distracted from the road. Currently, Tesla’s autopilot gives a warning if the driver takes his hand off the wheel for a long time, and if this warning is not answered in time, the driver is mandatory to drive the rest of the journey.



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