Tesla Announces the Tesla Bot, a Humanoid Robot for Manual Tasks


The automaker Tesla presented this Thursday (19), during an event on Artificial Intelligence, the project to build a humanoid robot capable of performing everyday tasks in place of humans. It is the Tesla Bot, a kind of personal assistant to be used in factories, offices or homes.

Presented by Elon Musk, the android was revealed only with technical specs and a rendering, which doesn’t match the final look, according to Tesla.

It will have cameras and an “onboard computer” based on Tesla’s own autopilot system for autonomous navigation, as well as a set of cameras and sensors that feed an ever-evolving neural network.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the idea is for the Tesla Bot to do “boring, repetitive or dangerous tasks,” like repetitive manual effort jobs or shopping at the nearby grocery store. There is still no release forecast or even practical exhibition of the project.

The model revealed is 1.72 m tall and weighs 55 kg, being able to carry a third of its own weight. On the face, a built-in screen displays information that makes it easy for humans to set it up.

What about AI risks?

During a question-and-answer session after the announcement, Musk was asked about the possible dangers of building an apparently quite intelligent humanoid robot — the executive himself has already made several statements about the risks of Artificial Intelligence and a possible domination of humanity by machines.

The CEO reinforces these concerns, but also warned that the Tesla Bot is a very physically limited robot, being easily surpassed by humans in any capacity. “What we’re trying to do here at Tesla is create useful AI that people love and that is unmistakably good,” concluded Musk.

As for the launch, Tesla estimates that a prototype of the robot should be presented next year.


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