Tesla Announces New Battery ‘tabless’


Tesla announced its new batteries named ‘tabless’ as part of the Battery Day event. These batteries, which will provide significant advantages in electric motor vehicles, increase the energy capacity 6 times and reduce the cost by 14 percent per kilowatt hour. This means

that Tesla vehicles can get cheaper than vehicles.

Tesla, the electric motor car manufacturer, announced its new batteries at the event named “Battery Day” it started yesterday. Tesla’s new batteries are a revolution for electric vehicles. Because Tesla’s new batteries will increase range, power and capacity while reducing costs. This means that Tesla’s new vehicles will be cheaper to own, perhaps the same cost as internal combustion engine vehicles.

Tesla’s new generation batteries are described as “tabless”. In fact, this battery design has some minor changes compared to the traditional design. For example, in new batteries, there is no “tab” part between the cell and the area where energy is sent. In addition, the path in which electrons will move was reduced from 250 millimeters to 50 millimeters. Moreover, these batteries are shaped with laser technology. These processes reduce the cost of the battery while increasing the overall performance of the battery.

New batteries increase energy capacity 5 times

Tesla’s new battery design increases the energy capacity of existing batteries 5 times. This directly affects the range of an electric vehicle by 16 percent. In addition, thanks to this battery, vehicles become 6 times stronger. While all this is happening, Tesla saves 14 percent per kilowatt hour. The new batteries seem to please Tesla and consumers alike.

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Tesla names its new batteries “4680”. This is because the size of a cell in the battery is 80 millimeters 46 millimeters. In the company’s current Model 3 and Model Ys, this battery was named 2170. Considering that existing batteries are also named according to cell size, we can clearly state how big the new battery is.

Tesla will manufacture its own batteries

Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers source their batteries from other manufacturers. For example, the batteries used in Tesla’s vehicles are produced by Panasonic at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada. Tesla, who also made statements on this subject, announced that it would start producing its own batteries. This decision will eliminate manufacturing problems for Tesla. However, Elon Musk states that Tesla will continue to supply products from battery manufacturers such as Panasonic, CATL and LG Chem while producing its own batteries.

According to the statements made by analyst Caspar Rawles, Tesla will already gain an advantage with the decision to produce its own batteries. Stating that the decision not to cut relations with other producers is very appropriate, Rawles said that demand will increase day by day and it will become increasingly difficult to meet the need.


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