Tesla Announces Engineering Differences Between Model 3 and Model Y


US-based electric car maker Tesla, after reviewing the videos of the new compact crossover, Model Y, revealed some important information about the structure of its vehicles when it announced its earnings report for the first quarter of 2020.

Tesla, owned by US entrepreneur Elon Musk of South African origin, started delivering the Model Y, which he introduced last year, to his owners. The brand’s fifth new car design, the car has a similarity to Model 3 with 80 percent. Model Y, which accelerates 0-100 kilometers in its most equipped version in only 3.5 seconds, has a maximum driving range of 480 kilometers on a single charge.

As we reported earlier, Sandy Munro, founder of Munro & Associates, who provides consultancy service on production, has launched a series of videos that he took apart and examined Model Y in the past weeks. The Canadian engineer said that Tesla did an excellent job in terms of quality, saying that Model Y’s brake calipers are much heavier and stronger than Model 3.

Tesla Model Y started to be delivered to its owners in March
Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who was not indifferent to Munro’s video series, under which he examined the Model Y, said that he appreciated the quality critical feedback from Munro in his statement on his personal Twitter account. Tesla, which published its financial report for the first financial quarter of 2020, also shared some important information about the components of its vehicles.

Munro said in his previous video that he disassembled the Model 3, that more parts were used in the rear part of the vehicle. Tesla listened to this criticism from a Canadian engineer and simplified the structure of 70 cast pieces. Images from the California-based company report reveal this shaving on the back of the body.

Model 3 and Model Y parts behind the body
The report also mentions that the two-part cast behind Model Y has become one piece. It is not clear for now whether Tesla will also apply new parts for Model 3. Musk said the casting machine to produce new parts would be as big as a house. Details such as where to install this machine, how many parts it will produce every day or how much it will cost remain unclear.

Meanwhile, Tesla reported $ 16 million in profits and $ 5.9 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2020. The U.S. company, which has stopped production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has accomplished a very important business by closing the first quarter in cash despite the deterioration in its supply chain. You can access the details of the financial report announced by Tesla from our news.


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