Tesla announces battery development and ‘exciting’ news


In a tweet published last night (14), Tesla CEO Elon Musk addressed the chronic battery problem in the company’s vehicles. In response to a complaint from an owner asking for the installation of a low battery alert, Musk agreed and announced major software improvements and “much more”.

Although the requested device already exists on Tesla models, with a warning that the 12 volt battery is about to run out, many owners have received these warnings very often.

It seems that the CEO took the opportunity to announce the news about storage and power supply that Tesla is about to reveal at the Battery Day event, scheduled for September 22, announced by Musk as “several exciting things”.

Tesla batteries: a recurring problem

The poor durability of the 12-volt batteries installed in Tesla vehicles is a longstanding problem that CEO Elon Musk is trying to solve. News regarding electrical architecture is also expected.

As with most cars, Tesla’s 12-volt battery system powers lights, the media unit, windows and other devices. However, the company’s batteries had several problems, especially in the Model S and Model X.

What happens in these models is that the batteries run out very quickly, or at least faster than in other vehicles. The durability depends on other factors, such as the weather and the frequency with which the vehicle is driven, which has a direct reflection on the battery’s durability.

Behind Musk’s words, may be the announcement of a new battery manufacturing process capable of accelerating the company’s vehicle production chain, promoting a wide cost reduction.


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